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I had my site running on Cloudflare, but lost my 2fa access and needed to start a new account.

I am attempting to get the site up and running with Cloudflare. Cloudflare shows it is active, but the site won’t load with the error message that there are too many redirects. I was using Flexible SSL, so I purchased an SSL certificate from Cloudflare and set it to Full SSL. I realize it can take 24 hours, but I’m not sure if there is something else going on, so I also turned off SSL and automatic HTTPS Rewrites and disabled Universal SSL. On my website I disabled the Really Simple SSL plugin which I had been using with the Flexible SSL when using Cloudflare on my previous account. I also deactivated the Cloudflare plugin on my site that was using the old API. Nothing has helped.


It’s redirecting back and forth between HTTP and HTTPS.

Purchasing an SSL certificate from Cloudflare just presents your visitors a slightly better certificate than the free one. You’ll still need Flexible SSL if that’s what you had before.

You can only use Full (or strict) if you have an SSL certificate installed on the server itself.


I understand. Currently the SSL if off. How do I stop the redirect?


It looks like it’s working fine with me. http redirected to https, and site is loading securely.


Interesting. I had turned all SSL off in Cloudflare and then turned it back on and now it’s working. Did it just need a refresh?


My host told me their SSL certificate isn’t compatible with Cloudflare. Does that mean I can’t use Full SSL? What’s the value in the Edge certificate then?


If there is some sort of certificate on your server, you can use Full SSL. Your server’s certificate is what Cloudflare uses to get data from your server. The Edge certificate is on Cloudflare’s servers, and is what your visitors use when connecting to Cloudflare to view your site.


Thank you.


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