I just moved DNS and domain registrar to Cloudflare.
I have a CNAME entry on ROOT domain (which uses CNAME flattening).
My web app is hosted on Scalingo.
After 4 days, transfer to Cloudflare (from OVH) is all done, domain is « active ».

However, if CNAME entries are proxied (by default with Cloudflare), my web app is down : browsers display ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I changed all CNAME entries to « DNS only » and now my web app is working again.

But Cloudflare recommends to use proxy.
Why is proxy not working for my web app ? Do I need to do any special step with Scalingo ?

Make sure your TLS/SSL settings are set to Full (strict)

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That was it! Thanks a lot!!

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