ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when activate "Always Use HTTPS"

My site is HTTPS and runs ok since some day before, after being ofline I deactivate HTTS , now I need to activate again, when I activate Always Use HTTPS I receive a msg “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” ,
what is happen? Whjat I need to check?
My site is hosted at WIX.COM and have no changes on it in the last months.

Unless something has changed recently WIX does not support using Cloudflare with their service. Does your site load when it is :grey: in DNS?

It was running ok before, with ssl certificate and ALWAYS HTTPS, some dyas before it stop working, so I deactivated ALWAYS HTTPS and it works.
Right now ALWAYS HTPS is deactivated and is online, If I activate it immediatelly goes out
Why it has worked before? I need to leave https for trust

Using SSL Flexible I was able to activate ALWAYS HTTS … my site shows some restriction icon but is https …it works by now, but I need to understand the cookies and scripts from Wix that drops it security.
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The WIX link below mentions it’s not yet supporting Cloudflare but does allow you to request that feature.

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