ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Website stopped working?

Hello Guys,

I checked all Posts in the Community still I cant find a Solution to my Problem…

Today my Website stopped working. I didn’t change anything on the Site. My Website is:

I tried to turn the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Off, Flexible, Full and strict. Still nothing worked?

I also talked to the Support of my original Hosting but they told me that the Problem is at cloudflare?

What can I do to fix this Problem?

WordPress redirects the site to HTTPS, but something else is redirecting it back to HTTP.

  1. Do you have any Page Rules here?
  2. What’s your current SSL/TLS mode here?
  3. Does your server have an SSL/TLS certificate installed?


I don’t have any page rule set. The current SSL Mode is off.

My original Server has no SSL Certificate installed.

The site just worked fine the whole time. I have changed no settings at all? How can this happen?

This is the problem:

Ask your host to enable SSL/TLS for your site, or see if you can install a certificate generated by Cloudflare.

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But i never had a SSL Certificate installed on my original Server? And i tried to install a Certificate in my Backend of my hosting but i cant. I says my Website is offline and because of that i cant install a certificate?

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