"err_too_many_redirects" website error

Hello, i’m am sort of new to cloudflare so here is my question. When i activated this service for some reason i have been experience redirect errors on the front in of my site. I’ve look at possible solution for this problem on the support part for this website, but none of them seem to work so i was wondering could it be a possible mis-configuration on ya’ll part or could it be something on else?

Hi @webguru761, I did a quick :search: for err too many redirects #CommunityTip and Found a CommunityTip with good suggestions.

It’s “something else”. Your ssl setting is probably set to Full (Strict) {great setting, but just not in this case unless you have a certificate on your origin server} and you need to set that to Flexible or Full or even better get a certificate for your origin server for end-to-end protection.

The #CommunityTip has lots of details and some Quick Fix ideas, for details about the various ssl settings and what to use is here, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170416-End-to-end-HTTPS-with-Cloudflare-Part-3-SSL-options.

Finally, as you edit these, take a look at the #Tutorials about security settings, they’ll help a lot, I’d start here, Community Tutorials and look for the SSL/TLS tutorials.

Hello Cloonan, I believe i have fix this issue thanks for the help.

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