Hello, I will appreciate some help with the following issue, website was running good until yesterday, after reading other posts I have done the following:
-Changed “Proxy status” to “DNS Only”, after doing this I don’t get anymore errors in Squarespace, now it shows as “connected”, but I keep getting the "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS " when trying to enter the website.
-Changed SSL to Full (Strict)
-SSL is set to Off (SSL/TLS app)
-Got rid of all Page Rules
-Turned off anything that says HTTPS in SSL/TLS app

There is one setting “HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)” which I kept with “status = On” should I turn off?

When I do DNS check, seems that CNAME is not propagated, could this be the issue??? the website is

What else should I change or do to keep the website working as it was before?


At the moment you are set to DNS only so no Cloudflare features are affecting your site. redirects to, which redirects to itself. You’ll need to fix that at Squarespace.

curl -I
HTTP/2 301
age: 47056
date: Thu, 28 Dec 2023 20:49:37 GMT
server: Squarespace
set-cookie: crumb=BQv/5vvs9bULMmQ3ZjYzODY4ZmM0YmUxNjIwZmZhM2YyZGM3M2Vl;Secure;Path=/
x-contextid: RMEsCbQp/zg6Dcx8f
content-length: 0
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Thank you for the quick reply, how do I fix the error in Squarespace? or what do i have to do, I still don’t understand what exactly the issue is.

As in the post above, when you go to the server says, “the page isn’t here, go to” which is the same place. This loops forever (well 20 times) until your browser gives up and says “too many redirects”.

What does this will be in the configuration or code on your origin (Squarespace) since you are using Cloudflare for DNS only.


Thanks, now the issue seems clear, just that there is nothing in Squarespace’s configurations regarding redirects. So maybe the issue comes from Cloudflare?

From the link you provided first I see the following messages:
“The DNS records for are not pointing at Cloudflare. You will need to proxy the DNS records for Cloudflare’s services to act on”

“The DNS records for are not pointing at Cloudflare. You will need to proxy the DNS records for Cloudflare’s services to act on Note that your hosting provider may require the CNAME not to be proxied for your site to work.”

Can the issue be related with CNAME?

What would happen if I disable the option in cloudflare “Disable Universal SSL”? Could that help?

No. You are currently not using Cloudflare’s proxy, so it is impossible that the redirect is coming from Cloudflare.

Also, if you look at this screenshot from the developer console, you can see that it is coming from Squarespace:

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The issue cannot come from Cloudflare. The DNS records point at Squarespace, nothing on Cloudflare can redirect the site as no web traffic for your site is passing through Cloudflare. The server response shows it is from Squarespace. If it’s not a Squarespace setting, then it’s in the code for your site.


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