I am desperately trying to get my root domain working. It works for about 5 to 10 minutes and then I get this error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” . I have noticed that removing and re-adding the CNAMES in my DNS manager makes it work again but then, only for a short period of time.

My domain is from godaddy and i am using webflow as my hosting service.

I added two records :
CNAME - www - proxy-ssl.webflow.com
CNAME - @ - proxy-ssl.webflow.com
In the crypto section of Cloudflare, i have changed the SSl to full strict.

I already contacted webflow support but they only referred me to these articles which I already knew about:

My domain name set with “www” as default works but this is not what I want.


any help would be greatly appreciated
thank you


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Right now, it’s not going through Cloudflare, but what I see for current redirects are:
https://www.studiopulpe.com/ is the working location of your site.

This can certainly be streamlined. Cloudflare Page Rule would help:
Match: studiopulpe.com/*
Add Setting: URL Forwarder to https://www.studiopulpe.com/$1

And in the SSL/TLS settings, make sure you have Always use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites enabled.

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Thank you for you fast reply. I will try right now !


Should i use the 301 redirection ? Also, i have not specified but the domain with www works but I only want my root domain only.

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I’d go with a 301.

It looks like you’ve got it preferring the naked domain now. You might not even need Page Rules at Cloudflare.

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May I ask you what is the best for SEO, naked or full domaine name ?

I still cant get the naked domain to work…

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Nothing changes, as long as there are no pages with multiple URL splitting SEO score between them everything is fine.

Still doing this loop, though.

Also you are still not proxying anything though Cloudflare.

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