I have my website admin page behind Cloudflare Zero Trust and when I authenticate via email, I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS from my browser. I am able to access the admin page when I manually redirect to the admin page myself after authenticating even though the error occurs. How can I fix this?

I have the same issue!

What’s the SSL/TLS mode that you’re using on that zone?

Flexible, this issue is happening on both SSL and non-SSL origin. Both origin redirects to https://HOSTNAME/manage for some reason.

Flexible is known for causing redirect loops - it’s also insecure.

Make sure you’re using Full or Full (Strict) - this requires a HTTPS certificate on your origin, if you don’t already have one then you can generate one at

Tried both Full and Full (Strict), but it’s still the same.

The origin also has a verified SSL certificate.

I get exactly the same behavior. I see the login and when I trace the connection, everything that loads is getting redirected through Cloudflare and eventually the Too Many Redirects error page comes up. If I clear the query string, the correct app loads. It appears as if all the preloads are being proxied and eventually, some limit is reached. I cleared the cookies and I am sure the Origin certs are correct. The requests loop between Cloudflare and the end point.

Any solution to this issue?

I’ve found a solution on this Redirect loop when using Access App Launcher - #4 by maxfaxalv
You need to change strict site attribute from Strict to Lax