Hello, I am getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS on
I have read the guidelines, and i know that i am in an infininte loop between https and http.

I tried turning off and on the ssl certificates, but i am not technical enough too ressolve the issue. can someone help?

Go to SSL/TLS settings and change to Full (strict)


I did that. Now i see a warning: Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526.

I read the manual, but didn’t understand.

I went to Origin Web server and created a certificate. Was this correct? If yes what do i do with that?

You have an invalid certificate on your origin server. It may have expired or may be self-signed. Temporarily you can set the SSL/TLS setting to “Full” instead of “Full (strict)”, but best to fix the certificate.

Guide here…

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Thank you. I used full instead of full (strict) and reinstalled the SSL certificate on the origin Server. It works! Does the setting full have disadvantages compared to full (strict)?

“Full” accepts any certificate, even if it has expired, is for the wrong domain or is self-signed. For the security of your users, best to have a valid, signed certificate and use strict.

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