ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS issue with CNAME 'www' record in DNS, VueJS static site

I’m not sure that this issue is from my nuxt.js static site or the DNS I’ve configured.
The domain name I registered for is working fine -
I’ve added a CNAME record of letting users redirect to when is written in the URL.
Below are my 2 records configured.

It keeps on redirecting to the same URL again & again. I’ve prepared this site in vue.js using the nuxt.js framework. This is my first production site, so I’m unable to figure out an exact issue that lies within the nuxt.js or DNS configuration I’ve done.

Please suggest if the problem that lies within nuxt.js!
Below is the screenshot of multiple redirections that happened. You can also check by opening the URL.

It’s in an HTTPS loop. What’s your SSL mode? It should be Full (Strict).

SSL mode is flexible right now. Default one. I think Cloudflare allows 1 subdomain to set without suing Full (Strict)

Flexible isn’t secure. If your site and subdomains were HTTPS before it was on Cloudflare, they will work with Full (Strict). Subdomains and all.

It’s a VueJs (nuxt.js framework) static site uploaded on Cloudflare pages itself.

It should still be set to Full (Strict).

When I use Pages, my hostnames are CNAMEs to my dev subdomain (, which was set up as a Custom Hostname (or domain?).


Thanks for your support,
Your replies helped me. I haven’t configured Full (Strict).
I tried to set a new custom domain from pages → custom domain. Named my new custom domain, and it automatically added a new record in DNS on behalf of it. After 5 minutes it also became active, whereas it was showing ‘inactive (error)’ for some time.

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