ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS for some mobile users when accessing a particular path

Hello Cloudflare Team,

  1. We came across an unusual problem, thanks to our customer who reported it.
  2. Unsure how widespread it might be as our dev team never experienced it on desktop or mobile phones
  3. But some of our users (how many is unknown), experience ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when accessing our site referral URL
  4. Amazingly, it worked fine when we asked user to visit the website root URL

Exact Scenario

(also see attached screenshot)

a) We shared few days back
b) /r/kstdoo/ is nothing but a referral code. User will click the link and gets redirected to login page.
c) It works for majority of users as there are constant active login/registrations
d) However, a particular user on Samsung J4 phone reported us ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error
e) Our server log revealed no redirection loop
f) When we asked user to simply visit, it worked fine

More Information

a) As it only happens with some users and our server logs revealed no redirection loop, we have reasons to believe that it happened purely from Cloudflare side.
b) We use full (strict) SSL, always HTTPS and HSTS
c) We don’t use any page rules
d) Origin server is configured to redirect http to https, but that shouldn’t matter here, since shared URL itself is https
e) See attached screenshot sent to us by customer

Can we get some assistance in debugging this further?

We are also curious now how many of our users are running into this exact issue?

Let me know if further information will be needed.

Thank you!!!

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