My website “” shows too many redirect issue and shows 2 IP in Cloudflare. Here is the screenshot you can see it. Screenshot by Lightshot

My current website’s IP is

Can you assist me how to solve this issue?


Hi, I have mentioned my current IP in screenshot. Screenshot by Lightshot


My website with https was working perfect before point to Cloudflare but when I pointed my website in Cloudflare then it shows too many redirect issue.


It’s a few redirects, but it’s not a loop or too many:

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Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. In screenshot (Screenshot by Lightshot) you can see 19 times redirect.

It has been 2 days but Cloudflare didn’t detect current IP.

I want to confirm once before point my website’s IP to Cloudflare, My website was working perfect and ever there was not https issue.

That’s not the URL in your original post.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Yes you are right. I didn’t want to display my website name on cloudflare community. So I shorted my website in in this tool but today It didn’t redirect.


Cloudflare system doesn’t detect my current IP of website Is anyone of support team who can solve this issue?


Hi Sdayman,

Can you please take a look at our issue and suggest us how to solve this issue?

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