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* I've 2 domains, one called that is used as "short_url" feature on our website that is hosted on Our website is hosted on Amazon EKS cluster, a dns row exist to access to app it works fine. But on our website we have a feature to share url that use as domain. point on where our website is hosted, but I try to access with url I've an error "err_too_lany_redirect". I've try to flatten cname on both domain but still with this error. Is there a solution ? 
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Have you tried this guide

Step 4 is usually the quickest.

I don’t really understand, because the ssl is managed by Cloudflare. I’ve a kubernetes cluster hosted on EKS amazon on which we have our app. In this app we use another domain to share for example contacts or other things, we short the urls to summary. How can I manage this thing

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