here I have my website under WordPress with Plugin wp rocked.

a certificate ssl lets and scripts.

on Cloudflare
i have disabled the ssl certificate and every time i activate Cloudflare i always have this error.

and the site is inaccessible
can you help me ? thank you in advance
my website https: //


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On your Cloudflare Crypto page, which SSL setting are you using? It’s probably Flexible or Full.
And what is the Status for your SSL Certificate? It should say something like “Active.”

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Your site has a valid SSL certificate, so it’s probably a matter of giving Cloudflare time to issue its own SSL certificate.

Since you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS, and I think you have your DNS entries set to :grey:, go ahead and turn on SSL Full and wait for it to become “Active.” And then set DNS back to :orange:

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Always error

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You still have it set to :orange:, and your SSL Status probably is not Active.

M’y configuration

If it’s a certificate assigned by your server/host than you will have to set SSL to Full (Crypt Section).

More info:

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that’s what I did it is in full strict
it’s a certificate Let’s Encrypt

I put all the settings on we see screenshots above.

I read this page, but notre résolve m’y problèm

M’y site

According to your screenshot, SSL is off

Activate it on your dashboard and set it to Full (strict)

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I have Always error un my site

I have dEl m’y cache navigator

dEl cache on my website

Please post a screenshot from the SSL/TLS settings page. That will show the Status of your SSL. The Domain Summary doesn’t provide enough detail.


You don’t have any certificates. Click that “Enable Universal SSL” button at the very bottom.

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I activated but it is always the same always the same error
thank you in advance

It takes time to issue an SSL certificate. At the top of that Crypto page, it should say something about Issuing Certificate. Can you post a screenshot of just that first screen where it says SSL with the Full (Strict) box?