Err ssl version or cipher mismatch




Please, I need help with Cloudflare SSL. After activating DSN on Cloudflare, my website returns the below error. HELP!!! Its beign 2 days. uses an unsupported protocol.



THis is my Support Ticket - Request #1516616.

please, do the needful


If you have a support ticket it would be best to wait for them.

Are you sure the SSL certificate is active? Try disabling HTTPS redirect for now.


thanks @matteo


Looks like one of our engineers has been in touch. Hopefully you will be squared away quickly.


Yes. But issue yet to be resolved.

SSL Certificate is now active but the website isnt showing.


That would be an origin issue, the only thing that could cause something on CF’s end would be the SSL setting, if you are on Full try Flexible, if on Flexible try Full (this second case is probably not going to solve anything).

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