Hi all,

I’m getting ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when trying to connect to my website.

The setup

  • 1 A-Record handling the “root”-domain:
    -1 A-Record handling a sub-domain (which is hosted on a different server):
  • Multiple CNAME-Records e.g. “dev” which point to “
  • Full (strict) Cloudflare-HTTPS
  • Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate on my server covering “*”
  • Cloudflare Proxy enabled for all the records

Debugging attempts
Without using Cloudflare Proxy everything works fine, so brings me where I want to go; enabling it breaks it and I get the above mentioned error. Tested for A- and CNAME-Records.
Pinging “” works perfectly fine giving me a Cloudflare IP when Proxied.

So I guess my question is: does the Cloudflare Proxy not work with multiple levels of subdomains?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
Thank you.

Hi @kevinschulz87,

It does, but with additional configuration. See

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Exactly what I needed, thank you so much :smiley: !

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