ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE only on Chrome for one user

Hi guys,

I have the SSL Version Interference happening only for one user in our website, only for Google Chrome. We have not touched SSL or Certificate settings in many months already, we have not had any complains about it and just today one of users sent us screenshots of the error.

It only happens on his Google Chrome on Windows 8 (tried on incognito and it showed error as well). On Firefox and IE it works perfectly. We have thousands of page views daily and we had never had this type of complaint.

Our SSL settings on Cloudflare is on FULL. Under Edge Certificates settings, we have 2 dedicated SSL certificates (SHA 2 ECDSA and SHA 2 RSA) and 1 Universal (shared) certificate. All of these certificates are for our and *

What should I do?

I dont think this is a Cloudflare issue.

Toggling the TLS 1.3 flag in the Chrome seems to be a common solution for certain users running buggy antivirus/firewall software (unfortunately). Make sure these are up to date first, and see if that solves the problem.

Thank you for your help, Martin. Unfortunately this user is not tech savvy at all so it will be nearly impossible to ask her to toggle the TLS flag on Chrome. But I’ll just tell her to use another browser. Cheers

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