Err ssl version cipher mismatch

Dear all, could you help me on this topic?
After configuring Cloudflare I get the error of
when I remove Cloudflare it works perfectly.
My domain is: lucensbarcelona

Thank you in advance,

You changed the nameservers away from Cloudflare. It is difficult to assist now. If you clicked the link in your posts it has tips to follow

Changing nameservers is not one of the tips. While the site is no longer on Cloudflare, it is a great time to ensure it is running properly with ssl in place on the origin server, at that time, change the nameservers back to Cloudflare and set ssl to full(strict).


Thank you for the information!
I have changed the nameservers to Cloudflare again. Could you help me now? It’s been really complicated for me. Thank you again.

Were you able to?

It will take a while for the nameserver change to propagate, but the change is in process

yes, I did it. I will wait a little bit. Thank you

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Thank you. While you’re waiting, you may want to verify with your hosting provider that the web server accepts connections over SSL port 443.

SSL is still showing as flexible on the Cloudflare dash TLS/SSL app.

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ok thank you for the information

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Hi Cloonan, I have verified it with my hosting provider and the web server accepts connections over SSL port 443. Thank you

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Hi cloonan, have you had the opportunity to review it again? Sorry for the inconvenience, but my website is not working in this moment and I would need to solve this issue asap.
Thank you again for all your help!! :slight_smile:

What is your ssl setting?

ssl is still set to flexible, if you have a certificate on your origin that can be full (strict). i.e., before you changed your nameservers to cf, did the site load securely?

Have you tried to disable universal ssl (ssl/tls app, edge certificate tab), disable for 15 minutes and then enable it. This removes any certificate in place and when you enable it generates a new universal ssl certificate.

ok thank you, I’m going to try it. Regards

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Hi cloonan, we have tried it but it doesn’t work.
We have been testing with our hosting provider but it doesn’t work. We don’t know what can we do more.
Thank you for all your support.

what did you try?