Hi folks.

I am getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR after updating my hosting.

I must get my website to render,

  1. CMS is hosted by Webflow.
    Preview render here

It says Connected success

  1. Cloudflare says my site is ‘Active’

Status: Active
This website is active on Cloudflare.

Domain Summary
Security Level: Medium
SSL: Flexible
Caching Level: Standard
Development Mode: Disabled
Zone ID: *****

  1. And is configured accordingly per cf and wf instruction
    | — | — | — | — | — | — |
    |CNAME|atxfoodco•com|is an alias of proxy-ssl•webflow•com|Automatic|
    |CNAME|www|is an alias of proxy-ssl•webflow•com|Automatic||

  2. CF confirmation email says status active
    Status Active

Create Account > Add Account > Select Plan > Update Nameservers > (STATUS: ACTIVE)

Congratulations! You have successfully activated atxfoodco•com. Your site will now receive the benefits of Cloudflare’s performance, security and reliability features. Check out reports of bandwidth saved* and threats blocked on your account Analytics page.

Visit our Welcome Center for helpful resources for new customers. Also, check out the Cloudflare Status Page and our Blog for real time updates and news.

For common questions or to reach our Support team, visit https•//support•Cloudflare•com/.

Thank you,
The Cloudflare Team

For your records, this is a confirmation of your nameserver change before Cloudflare and on Cloudflare:

  1. Must resolve asap please advise

I have various webflow / wordpress sites and they are fine… i cant wrap my head around this please help

  • I replace period on some liksdue to forum post permissions

That site currently isn’t going through Cloudflare, and it’s giving me a SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT error.

What I do see is it is redirecting to HTTPS, which clearly doesn’t work. Flexible SSL needs your site to work on HTTP in order to make a connection.

Can you turn that HTTPS redirection off? Cloudflare won’t work until you site can work on its own.

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