My website has been flagged as non secure

When I try to go ahead it appears as red and as non secure

I checked the security info of the website

I’ve tried some of the tips from the community tip to fix the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR,
but I am not sure if its a website error or a google error that marked my website as a phishing scheme.

What should I do next?

The first screenshot is not related to the others (respectively only partially, as Cloudflare sometimes does not issue certificates for domains listed on the list).
The flagging is something you will need to take up with Google. Your website is presumably compromised but you should clarify this with Google, respectively a security consultant.

Okay, thank you so much!

If they are not related, then the first screenshot I should be able to fix within cloudflare assistance correct?

The first screenshot could be because of a missing certificate (which might not have been not issued for aforementioned reason) however your site currently loads fine (apart from the safety warning) and does have a certificate, so that should not be the issue. All you need to do is get your site off that list.

Okay thank you so much!

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