ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR - I'm out of things to read

I have successfully set up 37 domains with CloudFlare - no issues with any of them. Today, I’m trying to set up, and suddenly I’m way out in the weeds. I don’t know what I did differently this time that it isn’t working, but when I attempt to go to I get -


I have spent a little more than 3 hours on this issue now, and I have read anything I can find yet nothing so far has worked. I even deleted the domain from my CF account, reset DNS and Nameservers with the registrar, and started from scratch. Still coming up with the same issue.

If anyone knows a little more about this stuff, I’d love some help!

It’s working here:

Cheers! Yeah, it does seem to be working on my end now, too. I am so uneducated when it comes to this stuff, I guess I just panicked. In all my previous experiences here on CF, it just worked so smoothly I was expecting the same this time.

The only thing I can figure is that I must have done the steps in a different order. Looking back through my history from yesterday, I was back and forth between my Hosting account and CF before I even went to my registrar’s site. In my previous experiences, my workflow was always - setup on CF>change nameservers with registrar>go to hosting to check HTTPS. Not sure WHAT i would have done differently, but heck it’s working now!

I appreciate your following up on this post, erictung. Thank you!


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