I have set my domain to Flexible SSL but i get the error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
DNS are set on the hosting correctly.

the domain use to had a SSL from the hosting before changing it to Cloudflare.

the certificate from couldflare is correctly active… but the site won’t load at all.

something i noticed if that on my cloudflare analytics i dont get any all 0s, and even if i have setl force https, i can visit the site via … but i have double checked the DNS setting on the hosting and is correclty set to cloudflare.

Your domain server works with HTTPS, so that’s good. You don’t need to use Flexible. It should be Full (Strict). Right now it’s not using Cloudflare. It could be that Cloudflare had a problem issuing a certificate for your domain. Here is some information:

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