Err redirected you too many times

I was doing some edits on the on an existing wordpress website, I installed a cache plugin and the website just crashed, I’m trying to get it back online but it keeps redirecing and giving me this error: “err redirected you too many times.” please help, I need to get this site back up asap

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Have you tried pausing Cloudflare for your website? Pause it (should be in the domain overview tab), and then try again. If it doesn’t work, re-enable Cloudflare.

I’ve found this #CommunityTip that may be useful:

Also, you could forcefully disable the plugin by moving it out (or deleting it, but it isn’t recommended) from the wp-content/plugins directory, and then reloading the webserver and PHP. This may work for some cases, and not for others.

Hope it helps!

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