Err_quic_protocol_error & err_ssl_protocol_error

by exident i deleted one of my dns records.
now if i try to visit my webside with https i get these errors:

Hi there,

I would not expect to see one of those errors when a DNS record is deleted, as they are related to the TLS handshake rather than DNS.

I’m assuming you recreated the DNS record, if you can confirm the DNS record is proxied? - Proxy status · Cloudflare DNS docs

What possibly could have happened is that in the process of deleting the DNS record - maybe the Edge SSL certificate was perhaps deleted (dependent on your configuration).

If you’re happy to share your hostname that is impacted - so we can do some testing?


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I solved the problem. It’s really my fault, I turned off the proxy and thought it should work.
But thank you for the answer!

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