ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Problem with Cellular Data

Hello everyone, I connect my domain to the Cloudflare about 36 hours ago with DNS nameservers A and CNAME records. The problem is that while there is no problem opening the site on devices using Wi-Fi, there are interruptions in accessing the site on devices using mobile data (LTE -4G-3G) and it gives the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error. When I follow this warning from different devices, the site can be accessed for 20-30 minutes at different times during the day and then it shows this warning, but when the same devices try to access the site via Wi-Fi, the problem disappears and I can access the site easily. What causes the problem?

My website is:

Currently, your A type DNS record isn’t proxied :orange: , rather it seems it’s :grey: :thinking:

Furthermore, it might be the DNS propagation process needs some more time at some service providers to fetch the new data at their end.

Could be the DNS cache at your device, or even at the ISP provider, or Web browser cache too, if so.

May I ask what troubleshooting steps from article below related to the ERROR you’re experiencing have you tried so far?:

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When I change it from gray to orange, the company that provides the infrastructure of the e-commerce site cannot see the domain name, but they say that the installation is provided by them and there is no problem. It is mentioned that the SSL, A and CNAME records are kept in gray for the proper functioning of the routing, and when I turn it to orange, the server ip is not determined according to the site. It’s been almost 48 hours since I switched to Cloudflare, but when I try to connect via mobile data, I still get the server not found error. It’s really annoying, I talked to them but they couldn’t help. Can you give me any suggestions that could help me regarding this issue because I have already tried more than one thing. It is very interesting that the problem only occurs over mobile data. This problem appears even though all caches are cleared and entered from the incognito tab…What kind of thing causes this problem?

If it only happens when on cellular it is probably your cellular provider’s name server that isn’t returning the IP address for some reason. Ask them if there’s an issue, or try another DNS if you can configure it.

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