My site was working great for a while and then stopped working. I had it linked to a Kajabi site ( and now it does not appear to be working.

I have done a few troubleshooting things and cannot seem to get it to work. Help!

For me it’s working fine.

Maybe you lately changed some DNS settings and your local Cache prevents you from accessing the site?

It looks like your site is registered at 1api, but has too many name servers assigned to it. It’s only supposed to use the two from Cloudflare.

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Yeah it seems to work for SOME users but not a lot.

I have updated that a few times both WITH and WITHOUT those extra nameservers and that never seemed to make a difference…

Thanks Martin for checking… still cant seem to get it to work on my end…

Hi there,

I have looked at your website and can see you are now getting:

I checked internally you are pointing to a third party provider via CNAME, this should help:

If the above doesn’t help, reach out to their support.

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