ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT in prod but not in qa


I am sorry if this is not the correct place/way to approach a problem, I have never used Cloudflare community previously.

According to my uptime robot, this error started at 2022-05-09 04:13:45 UTC+2 while I was sleeping.
My website is and I have this issue only on my home page.

I can’t figure out what is happening, I have checked other responses by searching for ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT, but none of them seem to be very likely and I didn’t make changes at 2022-05-09 04:13:45 UTC+2.

Under my error-analytics, there is the message:
" * has a redirect loop error. This error often leads to website downtime and has two common causes: an incorrect SSL setting or forced HTTPS redirects., review our guide on troubleshooting redirect loops."

Is there any suggestion on how to debug it better? Or any suggestion on how to get assistance from Cloudflare itself.

Thank you very much,
I really appreciate any help

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