since yesterday on many sites some images (mostly big slider images) not loading with console error ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR or ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

i had the same problem a month ago and looks like the same problem again



I have also the same issue the past 2 days and if I disable the Cloudflare proxy the issue is resolved.


yes i did the same, disabled proxy because big images not loading

the problem look like is related to Athens datacenter

if i use vpn to check sites from other countries, all images load fine

Same issue accessing my site from Brazil, near Belo Horizonte. My VPS is running at a Contabo data center in NY.

In my tests the images that don’t work well is all PNG format.

I’m having a similar issue with multiple users complaining about these same errors. We sometimes see HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR, then ERR_FAILED and ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.
I’ve had reports from users in Germany, France and the US.

The issues seem to have started on August 29th. We’ve been looking into server-related causes since then, as well as possible client-based causes, and could not find anything at fault. We finally concluded the issue must be coming from Cloudflare itself.

I see that 2 months ago, there was something similar happening and CF rolled back a change which caused it (Chrome errors "net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200" for static assets - images & CSS) . I’m guessing they re-deployed whatever change they had done 2 months ago, but they haven’t fixed the issue entirely.
Pinging @Walshy (sorry) who was involved in the incident 2 months ago and who hopefully might have insight on the issue.

See below screenshots from our users.

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I’m also having these errors consistently populating while trying to use a service. It’s not loading several key components of the service I use, occasionally resolving on a refresh of the sight. Most recently I had to refresh more than two dozen times for it to resolve. I need to use this service tonight. I understand this is a holiday weekend but looking at these comments this has been going on for almost a week. Can we get someone to resolve this issue?

I am encountering several reports of this issue as well, I’m afraid. It does look very similar to the issue from a month ago. Could someone please look into this? Thanks!

Can we get some response here? This is currently making websites unusable for some users for a week now.


Could anyone experiencing this send me a HAR (feel free to email it to me walshy@) and a repro URL?
cc: @George-P @vaskou @lojaobat @cori.mccreery @rikmarais @deleted
(apologies I missed your tag @user6445 )

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Hey, Could anyone experiencing this send me a HAR (feel free to email it to me walshy@) and a repro URL?
cc: @George-P @vaskou @lojaobat @cori.mccreery @rikmarais @deleted
(apologies I missed your tag @user6445 )

To echo what @Walshy has said - any details.

A HAR File - Gathering information for troubleshooting sites · Cloudflare Support docs
replication and Domains this impacts would be great. We want to investigate this.

With regards to the same as before @George-P we have not had this new feature running Friday until this morning so if this occurred over the weekend and yesterday as said by a few other members this seems different.


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Interesting. Yes, this definitely occurred on Friday and the weekend. It seems to be reliably happening since the 29th of August to be precise, but only for a subset of our users. @deleted here is one of those users and I’m sure he’ll be able to provide you with the HAR data (I personally can’t reproduce it on my side, likely due to it being limited to specific POPs).

What I can say is that we disabled brotli on the CF config, and it had no effect. @deleted (who has been a huge help in debugging this issue) has tried disabling http2 and http3 in his browser and has also attempted to switch from ipv6 to ipv4, to see if he could narrow it down, but the errors continued to happen in all those situations.
Thank you for looking into it.

I just captured the error as a HAR file (and a working page load too) and sent both via email to @Walshy and @mbullock with as much additional details as I could think of. Happy bug hunting :slight_smile:


We have raised an internal escalation however as you have all said it is difficult to replicate. Please can people continue to DM me with sites, preferably that do not require login.

or email me at mbullock(at)cloudflare(dot)com with details.

Thank you!



We have pushed out a change which should fix this. If you still see it please provide the following:

  • Link to the site
  • Browser + version being used

Thanks everyone for reporting, apologies for the issue! :slight_smile:


Thank you for pushing out the fix!
We’ve received reports from a few of the users with the problem who reported they haven’t seen the issue happen again all morning.

Just want to confirm too this indeed seems to fix the issue, I seem to no longer be able to reproduce it. Thanks for the fix!

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just checked 10 sites and all load fine now!


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again the same problem start today

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Hey, been having this issue a lot over the last 24 hours.

@mbullock I’ve sent an email with a problem site.

Not really sure what I can do my end except remove Cloudflare from the sites (