ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED using cloudflare nameservers


One of my domain using Cloudflare has error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when I try to access it.
The domain provider is Namebright and the host is GoDaddy.
I have chat to both Customer Service and they told me that I am using Cloudflare nameserver and I need to ask why it doesn’t work with Cloudflare.

I appreciate any help.



Hi @michealdavid19888 sorry for the issues with this. Can you contact your domain registrar and ask them to verify the nameserver change to Cloudflare? I see that was confirmed a long time ago but I do see an issue with them not pointing to Cloudflare. Securitytrails does not even show the change so I’d concur, there is an issue with nameservers. Can you share the domain name here in case @MVP can assist with this?


ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is a browser error.
Do you still see the same error message using a different browser or if you try incognito mode?

These docs may help.
How to Fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error in Chrome (9 Tips)
ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED: The best solutions when dealing with this Chrome error

Try one or all of these method to see if it work

Make sure you are connected to the internet, then check if the site you visit is down just for you or all at

Second, try to clear the browser cache

If you are using a proxy or VPN, try turn it off.
Check if your time on your computer is correct
Try to temporary turn off firewall and anti virus program
Try to clear DNS cache on your computer
Change your DNS server to and
Try to turn off all browser extensions
Finally, if all above method don’t work, try to reset your browser to default

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