ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on access to cloudflare cdn

Hi, guys, i have troubles with access to some websites which use cloudflare services. - if I go to the site through vpn, and then turn it off, then access to the site appears, but site resources like images are not loaded with the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. At the same time, everything is loaded via vpn and mobile Internet via MTS. - there is access to the site, but none of its resources are loaded with the same error, everything is loaded via vpn and mobile MTS.
I am a representative of a local provider who buys a communication channel from TTK, and I contacted their support, but did not receive any answers. Tell me, can cloudflare block access on our ip

Technically yes, but

  1. Cloudflare does not block addresses
  2. If the site owner blocked an address you’ll get a proper message

In your case the connection itself did not work. The mentioned IP address is Russian and there are generally quite a few issues known in the context of Russian ISPs, as they are known to be ordered to block addresses → Search results for 'russia' - Cloudflare Community

I have answer from TTK’s helpdesk - they have no troubles with access. Again, I want to say that we are a local provider and if the problem is on our side, where can we look for a solution? I also cannot access a lot of sites without vpn, with the same error. All of these sites are not blocked by the government.

Typically the IP addresses are blocked and as they are of shared nature it could be that these sites have addresses of blocked sites.

As mentioned, it’s a general issue in the context of Russia and Cloudflare does not control that.

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