I previously hosted my website on an internal server, once I moved it to godaddy I can no longer reach the website from my office. No problems reaching it from outside of the office. I have shut the IIS off for that domain and point the DNS server to look at cloudflare IP.

When I do a tracert for the domain it says it is being hosted on cloudflare. What other configurations should I be looking at?

This sounds like more of a Windows admin question, as it sounds like you’re trying to bypass Cloudflare name servers for that domain. I think @cs-cf has described this in another post, but I’m unable to locate it.

Just run curl -Iv from windows rerminal and the IP address returned there should match to Cloudflare’s. My guess is there is a split brain DNS at play here as there’s nothing magical about being inside the network…

To further demonstrate the point, fire that IIS instance back up internally and if you are connecting to it… it’s definitely DNS.

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