I recently purchased a domain from Namecheap and hosted my website with a separate company.

Using the NS of my hosting provider my website works perfectly and loads but without ssl.

When I switch to Cloudflare in Google Chrome it shows me:
ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED but if I use VPN the website loads perfectly.

In Microsoft Edge (It is the one I use) I get the Namecheap page (This domain has recently been registered with namecheap) and sometimes I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

My website IP is and I already have an A and CNAME (to www) record on cludflare for my website.

If I check the DNS with when I have the NS of my hosting provider, the records A ( and www (CNAME) appear
But when I use cloudflare I get multiple A records that don’t point to my website.
(My DNS zone is correctly configured pointing to the ip of my website)

Your site redirects to https

This is what’s causing most of your problems. You site should have been loading with SSL/TLS before you added it to Cloudflare.

Your “A” and “AAAA” records also point to Cloudflare IP addresses instead of your host provider.

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These are my DNS records at cloudflare:

And my site doesn’t have any SSL installed before so it couldn’t have loaded with SSL

Ok, your DNS here looks good.

If you fix that at your host, your site will work.

With my old domain ( I have the same configurations in cloudflare (Obviously the ip changes) and it works perfectly with cloudflare without having an ssl installed

That’s not working perfectly. You’re trying to get SSL to work, but you don’t have it working on your server. By definition, that’s broken. If SSL is important, you’ll set it up at your host. Cloudflare even offers an origin certificate you can use if your host will let you.

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Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates are not valid certificates. Cloudflare is not a recognized SSL vendor, so their “Origin Certificates” cannot be uploaded. To use Cloudflare on your site, you can configure Cloudflare to use “Flexible” SSL mode, which doesn’t encrypt the connection between Cloudflare and your hosting account. If you insist on using “Full” mode, you will need to install an SSL certificate on your hosting account (you can get free SSL certificates through the client area).


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