ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, IIS whith two websites

HI everybody !!
I am trying to launch two websites from iis. I have created two sites in cloudflare, with tunnels and so on, but I think I have config errors affecting a correct deployment:

I hope these images allow you to appreciate where I have errors. I am willing to provide more information to get your help. Thank you

Both sites are accessible. Both display

No tiene permiso para ver este directorio o esta página.

Thanks for your time to respond. Locally the two sites run fine but are not displayed from the internet. Is there something I need to correct in the cloudflare configuration?

Also, the second site: mrcapital is not showing as a secure site: https

Hence the error.

I’d look at your local configuration.

Not true.

And the www subdomain has SSL too, but loads the Namecheap parking page

And loads with SSL

as does the www (though a different page)

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