ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for my domain in Cloudflare

I just bought a new domain from Cloudflare and set CNAME for my Nas tool Nextcloud.
I try to use traefik to redirect the call to my domain to my NextCloud app in my TrueNas.
I set the CSR certification in TrueNas correctly with the Global API from Cloudflare
I also set the port redirect correctly in my router.
But i still get the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error while access to my NextCloud app via my domain.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

I’d expect you to get a Cloudflare error page if it was related to Cloudflare or your origin timing out/having a bad certificate.

Are you accessing your domain on a non-standard port?

The function i want to get is when i access the nextcloud.:9433, it can access the nextcloud app stored in my NAS.
I already make the DNS and DDNS setup which will redirect all the 9433 port to my nas app traefik.
Now the only thing i can get it when I access nextcloud., it will access the backend of the router.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy that port, it’s non-standard.

Use something like Cloudflare Tunnels as a reverse proxy - this lets you serve multiple sites on 80/443 from the same server.

Sorry mate,
I found the issue.
which is the way i connect to internet.
I need to use IPoE rather than others.