When I run my website on https it shows error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. How can I resolve it. My website is working on wordpress. It is working well in http. My certificate is active and flexible. Really simple ssl plugin can’t detect ssl certificate. Always use https and automatic https rewrite is on. And I have made page rule always use https. I have turned off and on them and wait 24 hours but it is not working then now. I have also activated flexible ssl plugin.

Your domain is not using Cloudflare, so that is a question for your host.

Though the reason is, your host did not configure your site for HTTPS. He has to do so if you want a secure site.

I also thought that so I migrate from aeonfree to profreehost but It didn’t worked. Then I migrate to new host Plaese solve my query.

As I mentioned, you need to talk to your host.

Ok. Thanks for help

I have one more query. No dns record is showing in dns section. No orange cloud and no gray cloud. Why? No record

Because they were seemingly not imported. At this point I would suggest you

  1. remove the domain from Cloudflare first
  2. sort out the HTTPS issues with your host
  3. readd the domain and make sure that it imports all records during the setup
  4. only then change nameservers

I successfully setup cloudflare when I host on infinity free but there also no dns record. Why?

You really need to follow the steps mentioned earlier.

My hosting provider told me to contact cloudflare for resolve this issue.

We are going in circles. Cloudflare is not even involved here and cannot fix your HTTPS issues either. This is something between you and your host.

Before this error I faced error - err_ssl_protocol_error so I add A record in cloudflare that points to my website ip address. I thought it is because of A record.

It has nothing to do anything with an A record.

You need to follow the steps mentioned earlier - as I already said twice - and fix your server first. That is something you have to clarify with your host.

Cloudflare is not involved here and cannot fix your server issues either.

Again, please follow the steps mentioned twice already, after which your site should be working. Additionally I’d strongly recommend to familiarise yourself with and check out the search here too as that covers almost all questions you could have.