Err_connection_closed on one of two servers on ONE physical machine

Hello. I am new to this Forum, so sorry in advance if i mess smth up.

Basically, i’m a Client/Visitor/User on two forums. Recently my phone denied me access to while still accessing fine. Now it is periodically fucks with my access on PC.
As i have already contacted my ISP, and forum staff, who said they have a “weird and unique client error” i was asked to seek help on the Cloudflare Site/Forum, and as i have no ownership or paid access as i do not seek to host a site i have to seek help of the Forum.
If need be , i have two WinMTR reports. and two lookups but it’s private

The operators of the website are the ones who should contact Cloudflare on your behalf as it’s their web property - Cloudflare can’t really divulge any information about their setup to you.

When you say ‘denied me access’, do you mean the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED or an actual block/error page?

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I have Err_connection_closed message. Xon (the site director(staff member of top level)) said : Cloudflare will sometimes do weird things, try refreshing and see if it goes away and then after it persisted with periodic access remaining - This is either Russia blocking Cloudflare again, or Cloudflare having connectivity issues into Russia(again). All I can suggest is to use a VPN to avoid the ongoing disruption the Ukraine/Russia conflict is causing for all sorts of online properties

Do you know if anyone else is having the same issues with their site who are in a different country to you, or is it just yourself?

It is JUST ONE phone and ONE wi-fi network (not even the ISP-wide!), as i have two separate networks out there with my family, one from same ISP, other form another.
it is confusing as all ■■■■, man!

That last time I saw this happen, it turned out that the person had multiple DNS records for the same hostname. Very specific users were routed to the bad DNS entry.

Port 443 is blocked for,,, addresses on RU TSPU (ТСПУ) hardware — a government-made censorship black box installed on many, but not all residential ISP networks.

More information and technical discussion (in RU):

Report the issue to Roscomnadzor

Напишите о проблеме в Роскомнадзор. Подайте обращение у них на сайте https://⁨⁩
Информация об ограничении доступа → Узнать причину ограничения доступа - заполните форму .

Второй вариант: ⁨
Сайты в сети Интернет → Разблокировка интернет-ресурсов → Сформировать обращение в Роскомнадзор в порядке Федерального закона.

Use another DNS resolver

The blocked IP addresses are used for many domains are a part of geobalanced IP set. Most often this set is served over Google DNS (regardless of EDNS Client Subnet).

Switching to Cloudflare’s resolver may help, or at least will decrease the probability to hit these addresses.

Add another non-blocked IP address for domain to hosts file

Cloudflare’s balancer allows to use almost any IP address for any hosted domain. Thus, it’s possible to use any non-blocked IP address of Cloudflare to access the website.
Add something like this to the hosts file:

Two questions in mind: How do i do that on a phone under Android, and is there a way to that DNS/HOSTS trick through Router that is a start of the network? I’ve already done HOSTS on PC.

Also i’ve tested on another wi-fi network under my ISP at my relatives. there i had NOT had that problem on my phone., but Mobile ISP “МТС” has that problem, and it’s my phone that has mainly lost access to the forum

as in my PC Still has some issues there, but i can stomach 10-15 minutes of inaccessibility over a couple of days

Router DNS’s changed, we’ll see how it goes.

Try Intra or RethinkDNS for different DNS resolvers or Hosts Go to rewrite hosts file entries, as you did on the PC.

Ok. For now as i dont trust those apps, i’ll go with a clunky way of pinging the IP of the forum, receiving the 1003:no direct ip access, and going to the site.

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