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I am getting this error randomly in China and it prevents my site pages fully loading, including most importantly the menu from being accessed.
It also has a huge impact on performance as the browser tries to load this until the connection is closed.
This can also cause a cascade of other resources from Cloudflare not loading that effects rendering.

I know this is a location specific issue as, when I then use a VPN all is fine again.
I am hugely confused as Cloudflare is meant to direct traffic to my local CDN, and there are some in China so it should not be an issue with the China Firewall at least.

Any help on how to avoid this would be really appreciated as most of my site visitors recently are located in China.



Same for me

Hope someone from Cloudflare support picks this up soon and sends a solve.
VPN in China sucks and cannot rely on the locals having VPN.
This error actually stops my website carousel menu being displayed so really important to have it fixed.

Same for me when I intend to access
Any solutions?


that resource is for Rocket Loader, which can cause issues even if it loads for some JavaScript configurations. The quickest way to solve is to simply disable in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Unless you have an Enterprise account (and some other requirements) no POPs in China will serve your website, you’ll go outside the country for all requests.

Thanks, I had already figured out the best way was to turn off the Rocket Loader. :slightly_smiling_face:
Already done and surprisingly my site actually performs much faster, even in China.

Thanks for the response and making this clearer as I did not know that one must have an Enterprise account to get local pops in China - maybe also elsewhere I suspect.

Anyway - was a useful message and optimization to the site by turning it off.


China is 100% Enterprise (+ licence and specific requirements), other POPs are variable depending on load and other factors, but they can be Business and up, not only Enterprise and up.

Plus you always have to deal with all the ISPs doing their own weird routing.

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