I ordered a dedicated certificate for a website a few days ago, but we are still seeing errors when trying to access

Date and time are correct and are being set automatically from ( so I know its not me(!)

I have tried the SSL OFF / Flexible and Full with no effect.

Im sure this is a basic error, but can anyone tell me what Ive missed please?




You need to renew it. Expiry date was 22.04.2018 1:59:59

Your orogin also isn’t behind cloudflare. (Records are Set to :grey: )

Changing the SSL settings has no effect in this case.


Thanks. I should have said that the original certificate that was installed on the server has expired, but we paid for a dedicated Cloudflare certificate. Am I wrong in thinking this should work OK.?

I have changed the records. We were bypassing to try to get things working but makes sense that if Cloudflare are supplying the SSL then that needs to be set so that CF isn’t bypassed…


You need two SSL certificates for end-to-end encryption. If your origin certificate expired, maybe regular “Full” SSL will work since it’s not necessarily checking for a valid SSL certificate.

That Dedicated Cloudflare certificate is on the Cloudflare proxy server, and that’s what your visitors will see. It’s still good to have some certificate on your server. You could go with a Cloudflare Origin certificate that’s only valid when you’re using Cloudflare:

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