Erorr: Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

ich habe meine den Nameserver umbennant und die DNS Einträge sind auch richtig, nur da steht noch “Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)” und ich wollte Fragen woran es liegen könnte, liegt es eventuell daran das ich bei meinem Domain Hoster die DNS Einträge noch drin stehen oder ist das egal?

I have renamed my name server and the DNS entries are also correct, only there is still “Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)” and I wanted to ask what it could be, it may be because I have my domain hoster DNS entries are still in it or does it matter?

Make sure the nameservers given to you are the ones your registrar has. If possible, provide your domain name so we can further troubleshoot.


Appears to resolve for me. Perhaps a temp glich at the .de registrar?

Now it works so it says "Status: Active
This website is active on Cloudflare. “But if I want to go to my domain, it says” The website is not accessible
The server IP address of was not found. "

Might also be a issue

$ dig NS +short @
$ dig NS +short @

I once asked others if they can call the page, and they can do it except me …

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