Erased CF Account, Create New with new NS's not releasing original ones

So I had in CF – pointed to original nameservers.
I erased the Website from CF and then Added it back in.

Now seems to be half OLD info and half New…
See the Name Server info is wrong but the SOA “took” and is correct.
I can’t find a way to correct the Name Servers to the same as the SOA records?
Therefore, the NameServers are propagated and the site is not coming up.
Thanks in Advance!

A poorly and incorrect line – Should read:

Therefore, the NameServers should have propagated with new name servers but site is not coming up because CF hasn’t apparently pushed them out.

CF says the correct ones are in place:

But Propagation testing says it is not.
It’s been over 3 hours and that’s about 2 hours 45 minutes longer than it usually see CF propagation so I believe something else is going on.

DNS all looks good, but I currently see the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, which is usually caused by using the Flexible SSL setting in Cloudflare instead of Full (strict).

Please try to change that.

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Thanks for looking at it… !!!
Yes, I looked up the setting for Flex SSL
and yes it was set to Flexible already.

Any other ideas?

I have another Custom Domain being managed by CF and everything looks identical in the settings… except that other Custom Domain has been working like a champ!!

I flipped it to Strict… and SON OF A GUN…



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