EPP Key not working

I’m trying to transfer a domain, from my current provider (locaweb.com.br) to Registrar. But Cloudflare says the code they send me is invalid. However, whenever I ask my current provider to send the code, they send the same code.
Has anyone had this? Have any idea what that might be?

This might be obvious, but make sure you’re copy/pasting the exact code, including any surrounding punctuation, and without any spaces. I regularly see emails from registrars that say something like

Your auth code is 177$$y_Y&.

and the trailing period is actually part of the code. If it is surrounded in double quotes try with or without. Keep in mind that while registrars are obligated to permit you to transfer domains, they have an incentive to make the instructions as confusing and difficult as possible.

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Thanks for the reply, but I checked all possible key nuances.

In that case it is most likely that your current registrar is misrepresenting the auth code. A bug on Cloudflare’s side is possible too, but it would be odd if you were the first to discover it.