EPP Code for New Acquired Domain

I am using bluehost and would like to connect my domain purchased via Cloudflare. Bluehost is asking me for EPP Code. Since my domain is new with Cloudflare, I am not able to generate EPP Code as the Unlock option is disabled.

How do I work around or resolve this issue? Thanks!

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Bluehost would only need an EPP code if you were transferring your domain registration to them. You cannot transfer a domain in the sixty days following registration.

Your domain does not need to use Bluehost’s registrar to host a site. Once your hosting plan has been purchased you should be provided IP address information that can be used to configure DNS in your Cloudflare account. Here is the pertinent #tutorial.

Thank you for your response and explanation. I am trying to reach out to Bluehost too.

Here is what I am getting when I am trying to Assign the Domain via their interface:

Step 2: Verify Ownership

You can also verify ownership of the domain using the EPP authorization code, which must be obtained from your current registrar. The EPP code will NOT be used to transfer the domain.

They are saying they will not use the EPP but yeah it’s weird why they are requesting it.

Have you tried using their A record method? You will need to set the record to :grey: DNS Only while it is being verified, but afterward you should be able to use the :orange: Cloudflare proxy.

Hi! Thank you! Bluehost did the setup for me without the need to ask for the EPP Code. I then went to apply your advice to use A record. All is working now.

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