Entry AAAA not respond DNS ONLY


How to keep my AAAA entry (root domain) responding to the IPV6 orignal and not responding to the IPV6 of the cloudflare.

Just remembering that the AAAA entry is (GRAY CLOUD)
and the A (Root domain) entry is as DNS PROXY (CLOUD ORANGE).

AAAA - mydomain.com (GRAY CLOUD)
A - mydomain.com (CLOUD ORANGE)


No possible. You can create a different hostname and use as a grey cloud, but if either an A or AAAA record for a given host is :orange: we treat both of them that way.

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Thank’s for information!

Exists another solutions ou alternative to resolve it?


No. The hostname will go through Cloudflare regardless of IPv4 or IPv6. Use a different hostname.

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