Entire website disappeared

I deployed a SvelteKit app on Cloudflare Pages for a few weeks. Everything was going fine until I realized (presumably at most a few days ago) my website was gone (https://covidbadge.pages.dev and https://covidbadge.tech). Upon inspection, no HTML was being rendered; the only reason why I didn’t discover it sooner was my old service worker was still displaying stale content.

Some notes:

  1. npm run build && npm run preview works fine locally. I can see the entire website
  2. I can see the project in my Cloudflare Pages dashboard. It says deploy was a success. Looking at the logs, nothing seems out of the ordinary.
  3. Recreating the Cloudflare Pages project doesn’t fix it.

Any ideas?

For me both links are working :slight_smile:
Maybe it was a temporary issue?

Yeah, I fixed it. Simple mistake, I put my firebase functions directory under /functions and Cloudflare thought it was Cloudflare functions :man_facepalming:

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