Entire site profile gone from CF

Hi guys, hoping you can help me out. One of my sites which has been on CF for years and has a lot of stats, has completely vanished. No changes have been made, definitely no one deleted the profile and host still has CF NS listed for lookup. The entire thing is gone. How can I get it back or is this something that’s happening CF-wide and will be resolved soon?

This only happened on one profile, the rest are fine.

Thank you

I do not know what a profile is, is that a zone (domain) in your account? What is the name of the zone/domain that is missing? Is it in the account you are using here or a different account?

Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay.
The account is the one I’m using now and the URL to the website that disappeared was https://ellashealingcenter.com/

Thanks again,


SecurityTrails says that domain stopped using Cloudflare name servers about two months ago.

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