Entering server aka serv in the DNS

I can enter everything else but what’s in the serv in my host does not give me enough info to enter

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SRV records? Or something else?

Yes, my information is different from what’s being asked as information to enter into Cloudflare. So i have zero srv records entered because I don;t know what to put there. I also found my MX record on mail was not there. So I made one up. Not sure what happened there but Cloudflare said I had to have one. I’n thinking if I delete what I have (it’s all forwarded to another email address) then re-enter it exactly the same as i had it. The right mx records will show up on my server. And I’ll be able to enter the correct one on Cloudflare.

I was going to start another thread but I’ll ask this question here as well: My sites been hacked 8 times since the first of the year. 3 times last month, and once already this month. And it’s always the same exact hack which makes me believe it’s the same hacker. They do a database injection hack where they change the site url in the database which acts like a redirect. loading their spam sites that say: Click here to show you are human. Allow this site to send you notifications. etc… And if you refresh the page it loads up another site url that is basically the same thing.

So my question is: Which Cloudflare paid for set up will protect my site from this? I have tried WordPress security plugins and they hack around them.

The srv records on my server do not have the information the Cloudflare srv is asking for. So I scratch my head and wonder what goes here? And because of that I have zero srv records. now if srv records are not that important then I won;t worry about it. But if they are then I need to know if there is a common data information that goes in some boxes to be filled which the rest have to be exact to what my srv says?

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