Enter your question hereA DNS from deleted domain remains linked to Cloudflare

Hi there,

I deleted one domain form Cloudflare on Saturday morning (almost 48h) and the DNS zone remains linked to Cloudflare. I want to use Route53 instead and I can’t see the change replicated through DNS server. However if I query Route53 NS I can see the DNS zone, but when querying any other DNS server the NS remains Cloudflare.

I’ve been looking at the community and everyone says: open a support ticket. Thus, I did it and support redirect me to the community and here I am.

Does anyone how can I solve this?

Thank you.

What’s your domain?

Deleting a domain from Cloudflare does not really have anything to do with moving your DNS hosting elsewhere. The only change that matters is that you change the nameservers at your Registrar. Once that change is in place, nothing in your Cloudflare DNS settings has any effect.

Before you change the nameservers away, make sure you disable DNSSEC if it is place.

If Cloudflare is your Registrar, you need to transfer your domain out to change the nameservers.

If Cloudflare is configured in the standard setup, your configuration will be automatically deleted once Cloudflare detect that they are no longer authoritative for your domain.


I see what you say. I did the changes on Route53. I thought those changes were made automatically. Hopefully, the change got replicated soon.


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