Enter your question here am getting "502 Bad Gateway" from Cloudfare on my domain

I am getting “502 Bad Gateway” from Cloudfare on my domain.

The error only occurs when a brand new IP address tries to access my site. After “refreshing” the page on the new device, the error is gone and the site loads.

After the new I.P device accesses the website once, the error never appears again on that device.

Is this some kind of firewall setting on Cloudfare?? It does not appear to be from the original server as the error is from Cloudfare.

I am running RANKMATH SEO and when I do an SEO test, it produces the 502 error each time as rankmath uses a different IP address to access my domain with each refresh.

oh the domain website is: www.baronyhouse.co.uk

So anybody can reproduce the error by trying to access the domain for the first time from any mobile device… when the Cloudfare 502 Gateway error occurs, simply refresh your browser and the site will load.

The problem I have, is I never want this error to occur on the first visit, it may put people off.


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