"Ensuring Nameservers"

Feeling frustrated, thanks in advance for help.
added my domain “rickrood.com” to CF, and proceeded to set (correctly) the nameservers specified (mine are edward and jill).

More than 48 hours elapsed, and even though everything looks correct from google (domainhost) and dns lookup verify that the nameserver change has actually happened, I still get the CF message that says CF is “ensuring that the nameservers are correct” and on the main page “nameserver change pending”.

So, I deleted the domain entry completely and started from scratch. Same results. :frowning: website (obviously) is not being resolved, and I’m unable to operate from that domain.

What am I missing? Thanks again,
Rick Rood

The nameservers are set, but you have a broken DNSSEC configuration and need to fix this on your registrar’s side.


Sandro! Thank you so much! I appreciate your help.

One other quick question (I’m sorry, I’m a newbie at this stuff, but learning quickly!): now that the dns is resolving, when I go to the site, it’s saying that my SSL certificate is invalid… I have force https and full SSL applied in cloudflare… so, what am I missing (again, I apologize if this is a rookie question)… trying to learn as fast as I can!

It looks pretty good at my end.

Public scanning tools like Hardenize show no issues with your cert.

As you had only just added the domain to Cloudflare, the issue was probably that Cloudflare had not yet issued a certificate for your domain. This can take a while for the initial certificate.

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Many many thanks to you both. It’s working great… you were right- it just took a few minutes for the SSL to propagate to the site. Thanks again.

I have one more problem, but it’s not related here. If I can’t find a solution, I’ll start a new topic.

Thanks again.

That is an issue. That should be “Full strict” but that will throw a 526 right now because you do not have a valid certificate on your server (that’s why you got that error). You should contact your host and get that fixed.

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