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Hello Cloudflare Community!

Recently I’ve set up my enjin forums and a custom domain for the platform namecheap.

I am wondering how I connect my domain to enjin on Cloudflare? So basically on my namecheap records I needed to add:

I am wondering what to add to Cloudflare to make that work?

If someone could run me through it that’d be great!

You dont add their nameservers but you add Cloudflare’s to your domain. Whats the domain?

I’m aware that I don’t add there nameservers, I’ve added Cloudflare to namecheap and that is working correctly. I am just wondering how I would add enjin to Cloudflare ?

Domain is BendersUnbroken.com

This sounds like a situation where you would use a CNAME to point your (sub)domain to your Enjin site:

I dont know wht Enjin is, but you dont add that to Cloudflare but only your domain. Currently your domain does not point to Cloudflare, respectively you pointed the nameservers at Enjin to Cloudflare and that is the wrong place, you have to do so at Namecheap.

I know that, that’s just a temporary fix till I figure out how to sort out what to do on Cloudflare side of things.

Thats not a temporary fix, it simply wont work. If you want to add your domain to Cloudflare you need to change the nameservers. Thats all, everything else is either related to your host or DNS settings, but first you need to change the nameservers.

It was a temporary fix mate… And it is working fine. I’ve updated the DNS servers now and checking it all now.

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